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Chopard diamond watch
Chopard diamond watch

Deciding what you want for birthday, Anniversary, or Christmas is no longer a problem. The answer should default to “Chopard”. 

Every holiday season this question is often asked by husbands of their wives. For me it involves going shopping with my sister in search for something for her for Christmas, from her husband. Typically because it’s winter, clothing or handbags don’t appeal because everything is black, brown, or maroon. 

New, vintage, and antique Chopard is the perfect gift to get or give to yourself. Chopard items hold their value due to the company’s stellar style and superior quality. Additionally, this level of quality and reputation is hard to match at any price point. Buying new is wonderful if your budget can handle it, but if you are a fan of vintage and the sensibilities of the 1960’s, you are going to love resale Chopard. 


"Fully loaded" barely covers it

Iconic Chopard Diamond Watches

At resale, these iconic Chopard vintage watches sell in the range of $100,000.00. 

Chopard diamond watch

Fully Loaded Diamond Watch

Chopard diamond watch

Chopard Imperiale Diamond

Chopard watch

Happy Sports Watch

In 1976 the “Happy Diamond” collection was create. The ad campaigns were bold and everywhere and celebrities were fast to jump on the new style. No one had seen this fun new twist to high end watches before.  It is said that this unique patent of loose diamonds floating in the bezel of watches became the ‘DNA of Chopard’.  Due to the popularity of the Happy Diamond watches, collections of Happy Diamond rings, necklaces, and more followed.


We also have buyers for Chopard's 'Cube' items

 In 1999 Chopard announced their ‘cube’ collection. It’s a modern design with a hint of retro. As the name implies, it’s a design based on cubes, styled in a most elegant and sophisticated way. The cube design is also one of Chopards most popular choice for wedding rings.

If you own any pieces from the Chopard ‘cube’ collection contact us for assistance.

If you own Chopard jewelry, or are seeking Chopard jewelry, contact us for assistance. We very likely already have a buyer for you.