Facts about diamonds that everyone should know whether you are a buyer or seller.

All men are created equal but not true with diamonds. 

Hard to believe but only 1% of mined diamonds meet the standards for use in jewelry, but sometimes even quality diamonds can be enhanced to make them sparkle as much as possible. Diamonds can receive both permanent and non permanent treatments to improve their overall look. Enhancements allow buyers to get the “look” of a better quality diamond, but for less cost.

A little 'alteration' goes a long way.

Laser Drilling

Often inclusions can be minimized by the use of a laser. A teeny tiny tunnel is drilled into the diamond so that bleach or acid can be added to lighten dark inclusions. It may not be seen by the naked eye but it would be noted in a lab report under characteristics.

Fracture Filling

Fracture filling is when lead glass is infused into a surface reaching an inclusion to hide it from the naked eye.  Under a microscope however, a rainbow look can be often seen due to this treatment. This technique can last for many years, it is not permanent. Often people don’t realize this treatment needs to be disclosed to any jeweler prior to repair or cleaning to avoid damage as sometimes heat from a  repair to the setting or cleaning can evaporate the filling. If this does happen the diamond can be sent to a lab to be refilled but who needs the stress and bother, just remember to advise your jeweler.

Color enhancement is the most popular form of enhancement


Irradiation is when the diamond is exposed to  radiation to change its color.  This treatment is not permanent and can be altered during common jewelry repairs so make sure to advise your jeweler. I know what your thinking, and they answer is no, your jewelry isn’t considered radioactive after this process! Other gemstones that are very commonly heated are amethyst, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz, and aquamarines. It is not widely known, by Princess Diana’s Sapphire in her engagement ring was heated so it’s not as tabu as it sounds. 

High Pressure and High Temperature 

The permanent color change process is with high pressure and high temperature. The diamond is placed in a machine that applies pressure and heat at the same time. This process can transform a lifeless yellow/brownish colored diamond to a bright white or even a fancy colored diamond like green, pink, or blue.

This treatment is also used to enhance the color and clarity of colored gemstones as well. It would be considered to be unethical to not disclose that the stone was enhanced because it can affect the value and it definitely affects the care of the stone throughout it’s lifetime.

If you are planning on selling any diamond jewelry in the Orange County area, contact us for assistance or at least a free consultation. Selling fine jewelry, fine art, classic cars, and alike should be managed by professional to insure a smooth transaction. Never sell your jewelry online to someone you don’t know. The oldest trick in the book is when stones are removed and replaced, and the jewelry sent back to you for ‘refund’ leaving you with now costume jewelry.  There are many ways people can be defrauded so don’t let it happen to you.