Fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, Alchimie rings, Kelly bracelets, Ever Chaine D’Ancre necklaces, enamel or horn jewelry etc., we have buyers for all types of Hermes jewelry.


Whether it be the classic Heure ‘H’ watchs, the  Cape Code watches for either men or women, or even the Hermes Apple watches, we can assist in resale of any Hermes watches.


Womens or mens read-to-wear, belts, hats, gloves, jackets, ties, or shoes, Hermes clothing and accessories are suitable for private sale,  public sale, auction, or consignment.


Hermes makes some of the most beautiful scarves in the world, and of course, limited amounts of all. Vintage or new, we can assist in the resale of your Hermes scarves of all sizes and styles.


Kelly, Birkin, Evelyn, Halzan, Lindy, Toolbox, Garden Party, Juge, clutches, luggage, or small leather goods, all will be successful in resale whether they are new, vintage, or worn.

Tohu Bohu

Hermes Tohu Bohu is one of the most modern and desirable collections. Silk scarves, silk twilly’s, cashmere scarves (wraps), enamel bracelets, rings, etc.  Scarves that retailed for $400 can be resold for $600. What a great way to recoup your initial purchase. Most people who chose to resell their Hermes items have plans to repurchase in favor of the newest styles and prints, because sometimes you just can’t be seen in the same thing twice! 

Hermes scarf

Hermes Facts

- Princess Grace Kelly in a photo on the cover of Life magazine used a Hermes scarf as a sling for her broken arm.

- Sharon Stone used a Hermes scarf in a bondage scene in the film Basic Instinct.

- In March 2018, Hermès opened its largest, multi-storey shop, in middle east, at The Dubai Mall.

- Madonna wore the "Ls Vie au Cheval" scarf as a halter top

- Hermes neckties account for 10% of the company's annual sales.

- In 2015, Hermès partnered with Apple Inc. to produce the Hermes Apple Watch.

- A Hermes boutique made news when they treated Oprah Winfrey badly, not recognizing her spending potential.

- In the 1980s Hermes introduced tableware which has became one of their strong segment of the firm.

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