Missoni is a luxury Italian fashion brand known for its colorful zigzag patterns, often seen on knitwear and crocheted garments. Founded in 1953, Missoni is still a family-owned company, and the brand’s signature style has remained popular for decades.

As with many luxury fashion brands, some Missoni items are considered more collectible than others. Here are some of the most coveted Missoni pieces among collectors:

1. Vintage Missoni knits: Missoni became famous for its colorful knits in the 1960s and 1970s, and vintage pieces from this era are highly sought after. Look for sweaters, dresses, and skirts with bold, graphic patterns.

2. Missoni Home pieces: Missoni is also known for its home goods, including bedding, towels, and decorative items. These pieces often feature Missoni’s signature stripes and zigzags in bright colors. Missoni Home items are especially popular among collectors who want to incorporate the brand’s bold style into their home decor.

3. Missoni scarves: Missoni scarves are a great entry-level collectible for those who want a piece of the brand’s iconic style without shelling out thousands of dollars. Look for scarves in Missoni’s signature patterns, like zigzags and stripes.

4. Limited edition collaborations: Missoni has collaborated with several other brands over the years, creating limited edition collections that are highly sought after by collectors. Examples include a 2011 collaboration with Converse that featured Missoni’s patterns on Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and a 2014 collaboration with luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter.

5. Missoni for Target: In 2011, Missoni created a collection for Target that sold out within hours of its release. The collection featured Missoni’s signature patterns on everything from clothing to home goods, and some pieces from the collection have since become collectible.

When collecting Missoni items, it’s important to be aware of authenticity. Because Missoni’s patterns are so iconic, there are many knockoffs and fakes on the market. Look for items with tags that indicate they are made by Missoni, and do your research to ensure that the piece you’re interested in is authentic.

Overall, collecting Missoni is a fun way to incorporate the brand’s bold, colorful style into your wardrobe or home decor. Whether you’re looking for vintage knits or limited edition collaborations, Missoni offers plenty of options for collectors.