Political Memorabilia

It has never been a better time to buy or sell.

Political memorabilia has always been of interest to collectors, investors, and individuals of all political affiliations and ages.

From George Washington to Donald Trump, there’s a wide variety of collectibles and memorability to chose from. To the professionals, the collection of Presidential Memorabilia is to preserve the important moments in time in respect to the heritage of American presidents. To collectors or investors it is more based on value, rarity, and the item itself.  Is the items so infamous and personal that it would cause a ‘stir’ to be available for sale?  Bill Clinton’s saxophone or Kennedy’s personal phone book for examples.  Naturally special items that represent a particular event in US history would be more valuable than an average press pass or mass produced pen set. 

Presidential products are often categorized into groups such as “White House Gifts”, “Buttons & Badges”, “Autographs”, “Souvenirs”, “Photographs”, “Decor”, and “Personal”. Auctions take place regularity so what is available one day could be gone at a moments notice so if you are thinking of purchasing memorabilia, you often have to act quickly to avoid disappointment. 

We regularly buy, sell, consign, and auction memorabilia from collectors, investors, museums, facilitators, estate sales, and individuals. It would be difficult for the average person to obtain top dollar for their collectibles without the aid of a professional so it’s best to seek out the assistance of a firm who is proficient in auctions for the best results. 

History shows that items from past presidencies increase their value each year so it’s never too late to get in the game. It’s fun for the family as well as educational and can prove to be a good investment depending on the item of interest.

Collecting political, historical, and presidential memorabilia has become billion-dollar industry benefiting collectors, dealers, and individuals, alike.

If you are in the desert area, specifically Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, or Indio, we have especially quick service time as we are locally based. 

Our firm makes selling, consigning or auctioning a simple process.  Call us for more details and learn how we can assist you.

presidential memorabilia
presidential memorabilia
presidential memorabilia
presidential memorabilia
presidential memorabilia